Vegan Meal Planning – How To Get Started

May 3, 2018

Last week, I uploaded my first YouTube video! I decided to release my first video on vegan meal planning as it is something that I am super passionate about.

I highly recommend getting into the habit of meal planning for three main reasons.

1. Meal Planning will save you a lot of time

Yes sure you have to spend 15-30 minutes writing it out (this will slowly reduce as you get better!) BUT it saves you having to think about what to eat when you get home late at night from a busy and tiring day at work.

2. It Will Save You Money

When you plan your meals and create a shopping list, you’ll no longer have rotting fruits and vegetables left behind at the end of a week. You’ll also have a better structure for your leftovers. Created a big bowl of lentil dal on Monday night? Great! Lunches are sorted for the next 3 days!

3. It makes healthy eating easier

 When we plan our meals it gives us the opportunity to think about what we’re going to be putting into our body for the week ahead. So we can really think about getting those 2 pieces of fruit and 5 cups of veggies into our meals!

If you’re interested in meal planning and how to get started – check out our latest video below!


If you need a little bit of help with vegan meal planning, check out our Vegan Meal Plans for males and females available at our shop. 

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