Do you have a health goal or concern and don’t know what you should eat or how to incorporate what you should be eating into your daily meals?

Why wait for tomorrow when you can start today.
Option 1: Generic meal plans
Not quite ready for a 1:1 interview to develop a meal plan directly for you, select from our range of standard plant based meal plans from only $14.99 to help you get started and reach your goals.
Option 2: Personalised Eat More Plants Meal Plans
Let Kiah uniquely design a meal plan to suit you, your body, your lifestyle and eating habits. By asking you a few easy questions, Kiah uses knowledge gained as an experienced dietitian to help design a meal plan that specifically suits you and will help to achieve your goals in health, nutrition and wellness. Our meal plan service includes:   

1. A thorough meal planning assessment which provides Kiah the opportunity to get to know your needs.


  • Our assessment can be conducted via skype, facetime, phone call or email. 

  • We will discuss likes, dislikes, special dietary needs like food sensitivities/allergies or dietary preferences like vegan or gluten free.

  • Identify tools that you use most in the kitchen and that make cooking easier for you like slow cookers, pressure cookers, a blender, grill etc. so that recipes can include these items.

  • We will talk about how much time you actually want to spend making dinner and more!

2.  Your meal plan package, all wrapped up in a beautiful PDF format that is easy to print


  • 7-day meal plan, uniquely created for you

  • Detailed recipes for each meal

  • Weekly macronutrient breakdown of the meal plan

  • A weekly menu which you can place on the fridge for easy viewing.

  • PLANT's Healthy Eating Plate and Portion Size Guide to help you with portioning meals.

  • A weekly shopping list 

  • Nutrition and lifestyle tips to compliment your new meal plan.



Please note: After purchase, I will contact you with available times for your meal planning assessment. Please make sure that I have your correct email and phone number. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours of payment (excluding holidays/weekends) please email me at

Any questions?

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