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Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

The aim of the initial consultations is to conduct a thorough nutrition assessment of you as an individual so that all advice and action plans can be personalised to your unique needs. Our clinic is 100% virtual,  Online Nutrition Services are available online via telehealth using Zoom, Phone or Skype.  An initial consultation includes three main components:

Health Assessment

Your dietitian will undertake a review your medical and social history, blood tests, medications/ supplements, gut symptoms, sleep habits, stress levels and exercise routine. If required, they will also take baseline anthropometric measures such as weight, height, waist circumference and body composition.

Diet & Lifestyle Assessment

Your dietitian will use your food diary that you’ve brought to your consultation to understand your current dietary intake. They will look at things such as food preferences, allergies/intolerances,  timing of meals, eating habits and macronutrient/micronutrient distribution.  will assess your current dietary intake, eating habits, food intolerances and/or preferences.

Personalised Dietary Plan

Based on your assessment your dietitian we will work with you to develop a personalised dietary plan or sports specific nutrition plan. This will include a summary of your goals, strategies to get started and other resources to help you achieve these (e.g. food diaries, guides, meal plans).

Review Consultation (45 minutes)

Making changes to the way you eat can seem overwhelming. A review sessions with a dietitian will provide you with the ongoing support, monitoring and accountability to help you progress toward your goals. Research shows that regular sessions with a qualified dietitian/nutritionist yield far superior results, compared with trying to do it alone.

Ongoing monitoring + support

We will monitor your progress towards your goals using a variety of different measures and provide ongoing support and accountability to help you to progress toward your goals

Tailoring of Dietary Plan

We will discuss the current plan, identify any barriers towards change, develop solutions and make modifications. Then we will set short-term goals to focus on until your next review

Education + Practical Advice

Most review sessions include some structured education on topics relevant to your individual needs so that you can ultimately be an expert in your own health



At Plant Nutrition and Wellness we are registered with private health insurance providers so depending on your level of cover you receive a portion of your consultation fee back. We also have HICAPS machine at our Hamilton and North Lakes clinic for on the spot rebates. Please speak to your insurer to determine your level of rebate.

For online appointments, the appointment must be paid in full and an invoice will be sent to you after your appointment. This invoice can then be sent to your private health insurer for claiming.


Medicare rebates are only available for dietetic services under a chronic disease management plan or eating disorder care plan.


With some chronic conditions, your GP may choose to refer you through a Team Care Plan/Chronic Disease Management Plan .  If this is the case, you can get a rebate for your appointment under the Medicare initiative.  You will need to pay for your consultation in full, and then a rebate will be submitted via Medicare at the time of consult.  Currently dietitian rebates are $56 per session. Discuss your eligibility for this referral with your doctor.


We also accept referrals under the Eating Disorder Care Plan. These entitle the patient to up to 20 sessions with a dietitian that will receive a medicare rebate. Please speak with your GP regarding eligibility for this plan.


Each of our dietitians having a different fee structure depending on appointment type and length. Our fees are listed when booking an appointment with your dietitian through our online portal or please contact our practice on 3040 6911 or for up to date fees, rebate and billing information.

As we are not a bulk billing practice payment is required at the time of the appointment by cash or debit/credit card. To make claiming medicare rebates seamless, please ensure your bank account details have been registered with medicare prior to attending your appointment. This wil allow Plant Nutrition and Wellness to process the claim electronically to medicare on your behalf, with the rebate then going into your bank account.


When an appointment is made, our practitioners set aside their time for you and other clients are unable to book that time. For this reason, and out of consideration to our practitioners and other clients, we reserve the right to bill a late cancellation fee up to 100% of the consultation fee. Clients must confirm or if required, reschedule their appointment on the same day the text reminder is sent (3 days prior to the appointment) by responding to the text or by calling 07 3040 6911 to avoid incurring a fee.

A 100% cancellation fee will be applied to the provided debit/credit card on file if you notify us of a late cancellation less than 24 hours before your  appointment or you do not show up for your appointment.

If you have circumstances outside of your control preventing you from attending your appointment, please call reception on 07 3040 6911 or email and our friendly team will try our best to arrange an alternative for you.

Credit Card Pre-authorisation for New Clients:

To protect the time of our practitioners and other clients, we reserve the right to request a credit card pre-authorisation to secure your initial appointment. Please note, a 50% deposit is required for all online consultations. For in-person consultations, no fee will be debited from your card when making the booking. However, if you cancel on the days following when the text reminder is sent or you do not show up to your appointment, a cancellation fee will apply (refer to the cancellation policy for more information). When you book your initial appointment, our receptionist team will request your credit card details to safely store in a password protected file. If you wish to discuss our credit card pre-authorisation policy further, please contact us on 07 3040 6911 or email

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