Unsure what foods you should be eating to optimise your plant-based diet? Not being able to stay on track because you haven't done your shopping for the week?


Let meal planning be part of the answer!


In our four page digital meal planner package, you will find:


  • Monday - Sunday Meal Planner: This template provides you with a framework to add in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options for the week. It also contains a spot to add in your nutrition goals for the week and checkboxes to ensure you've included the five core food groups in your plan.
  • Core Food Groups: Information on the five core food groups and what a serving size is of each to help guide you on what sort of foods form part of a balanced vegan diet.
  • Shopping List: A space for you to create your own personal shopping list based on what foods you have added in your meal planner during the week.
  • Healthy eating plate: A guide of what sort of foods components should be included at lunch and dinner meals to help guide you when planning your meals.




Please note: this is not a meal plan and does not include actual recipes

Digital Meal Planner Package


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