Top Tips For Going Zero Waste

January 21, 2018

One of my goals for 2018 is to reduce the amount of waste I produce. If you haven’t heard of this concept before, it is mainly to do with reducing the amount of waste we produce from things that we buy. Did you know that most coffee cups are not recyclable? I didn’t either until late last year. In this article we take a look at my top tips for going zero waste.

Follow People In The Zero Waste Community

In addition to the many zero waste accounts I follow on Instagram (you can find me on Instagram here), I found the ABC’s War on Waste show extremely inspiring. Being plant-based and all, I am passionate about the environment. So I would definitely say that reducing the amount of waste I produce is my next step after veganism.

Some of my favourite zero waste accounts are:

Waste Not Collective

Green and Kind

10 Waste Challenge

Plastic Free Mermaid

Use a reusable coffee cup

Most coffee cups are not recyclable. But treat yourself and purchase a nice, sturdy, glass coffee cup. This was you can already cut down on those 1-2 cups you were originally going to throw in the bin. You might even save yourself a few bucks, most coffee shops offer a 50c discount for bringing your own cup. That’s a saving of $180 across the year – you could buy 6 weeks worth of coffee with that!

Bring your own bags to the shops.

Firstly, reusable bags are SO much better than plastic bags because the majority of the time these break when I am walking home. They are also a lot better for the environment too – plastic bags take 10-20 years to decompose and they usually end up in landfill or our oceans, taking hundreds of years to break down.

Pack lunch

Now this is one that my little dietitian voice in my head is screaming yes! When we are cooking our own food, we know exactly what we are putting in it, often allowing it to be healthier and more nutritious than food bought out. Bring your own food allows you to save money, improve your nutrition and save the environment, one container at a time!



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