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Senior Dietitian

Kiah Paetz

Kiah is the founder of the PNW Clinic. She works in the areas of eating disorder, disordered eating and plant based nutrition and is passionate about helping women build a healthy relationship with food and their body. She believes that eating should be easy and enjoyable – not the cause of guilt, stress and anxiety


Megan Boswell

Megan loves showing her clients how to make healthy eating easy! She works in the areas of disordered eating, plant-based nutrition and gut health.

Vegan Sports Dieitian

Leah Higl

Leah is passionate about vegan diets and sports nutrition. As an Accredited Sports Dietitian and powerlifter, she loves to show her clients how you can be just as strong eating only plants!

Pregnancy, Gut Health & Weight Loss Surgery Plant Based Dietitian

Georgia D'Andrea

Georgia specialises in the area of vegan nutrition, pregnancy, gut health and weight loss surgery. She works closely with bariatric surgeons for the nutritional management of patients pre and post surgery. She also loves working with her clients on the pregnancy journey - whether this be optimising their diets in preparation for pregnancy or helping them meet their nutritional needs through every trimester.

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