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PNW Clinic’s Sports Dietitian provides expert advice around training and competition nutrition. Our nutrition experts can help translate the latest in sports nutrition research into easy strategies for you to adopt to take your performance to the next level.

Our dietitians work with a range of athletes from powerlifters, crossfit and cycling to those competing in triathlons, marathons and swimming.

Plant Nutrition and Wellness’s team include an expert sports dietitian and nutritionist. She is dual qualified with Dietitans Australia and Sports Dietitians Australia.

Leah Higl is based at our Brisbane nutrition clinic in Hamilton but also offers online dietitian consultations all around Australia. You can see her no matter whether you’re from Sydney, Darwin, Melboune, Tasmania, Perth or Adelaide!

A sports dietitian can work with you to develop an individualised nutrition plan to meet your nutrition needs and achieve your performance goals.

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  • Weight manipulation for events
  • Meal planning for every day and event-day.
  • Body composition manipulation – fat loss and lean muscle gains
  • Event-day nutrition
  • Meeting your macronutrient needs including protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats.
  • Meeting your micronutrient needs as a vegan athlete – zinc, calcium, iron, vitamin B12, iodine, vitamin D.
  • Nutrition for the teenage athlete
  • Vegan sports nutrition
  • Optimising your recovery
  • Sport supplement advice
  • Hydration planning
  • Pre and post training nutrition


  • Endurance athletes – running, marathon, ultra-running, triathlons, cycling
  • Team sports – soccer, hockey, netball, AFL
  • Weight category sports – rowing, boxing, BJJ
  • Strength and conditioning athletes – crossfit, olympic weight lifting, powerlifting


  • Your putting in all the work but not getting the progress you are hoping for
  • You’re constantly fatigued and tired
  • You keep getting sick and injured
  • You have absolutely no idea what to eat!
  • You have a specific goal or event you’re training for
  • You want to beat your last PB!
  • You have a specific body composition goal you are trying to achieve

Frequently asked questions: ​

Our dual Accredited Sports Dietitian and Accredited Practising Dietitian is Leah Higl. She has been working with Plant Nutrition and Wellness for almost 2 years.

Your first consultation will involve a full health & dietary assessment. We will decide on our over-arching goals for improving performance, recovery, and body composition and identify the key issues with your current diet and recovery plan.

The initial consultation is also where we gather all of the data and information required to formulate your meal plan & supplementation guide!

During review appointments, we will discuss how you are going with your plan, further optimize the plan to your needs, and adjust calories, macros, and food accordingly. These check-ins are also an opportunity for nutrition education so that you know exactly why changes are being made to your diet. This ensures that after our time working together, you can confidently make decisions regarding your diet and overall nutrition.

Everyone is a little different with how often they need to check in with their dietitian. Typically, fortnightly works best for most people particularly when we first start working together. Although, it is common for people who like a little extra support to check in weekly or people who are fairly independent to check in on a monthly basis.

1. Your individual calorie requirements based on your body composition goals
2. Macronutrient targets
3. Supplement guide & recommendations
4. Complete nutrition plan including main meals & snack options
5. Meal planning template so that you are able to stick to the plan whilst eating a wide variety of foods you love
6. Portioned recipes designed to meet your personal requirements
7. Lifestyle advice to enhance your recovery including information on sleep, hydration & nutrient timing
8. Link to a Google spreadsheet to track your progress and daily habits
9. A summary of all information discussed during your consult

Every client receives a meal plan. This is to ensure that everyone receives the same level of service. However, how the meal plan is presented is completely personalised to each person depending on their goals & lifestyle.

How closely you follow the meal plan will depend on your goals and the timeframe in which you have set yourself to reach those goals. Your dietitian will discuss this with you during your consult & we will always go with what works best for you!

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